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Whether it’s a new construction project or you’re upgrading your home, knowing the R-Value for insulation is vital. The R-Value will tell you the insulation’s efficiency, according to House Grail. Insulation companies can help you with picking out the right insulation for your home or property, but here’s what you’ll need to know.

What Is Insulation R-Value?

The R-Value is the measure of how well any insulation prevents heat flow. The higher this rating is, the better it is at keeping a home insulated and preventing heat flow. Specifically, the R-Value refers to the heat resistance per inch of depth. Therefore, lower R-Value insulation could do the same as a higher value if there are more inches of it used in the application. For example, an inch of R60 is worth six inches of R10. A true R-Value is calculated by the insulation number multiplied by the number of inches.

R-Values on Different Types of Insulation

Insulation comes in several different types all with varying R-Values. Blown-in, or loose-fill, insulation has a lower R-value as does Batt insulation. Spray foam insulation is a middle-ranged R-Value type. Both Rigid insulation boards and Structural insulated panels have a higher R-value per inch than the others mentioned.

All of these come with their own pros and cons, and you can consult with insulation companies to determine what is best for your application.

R-Value Recommendations

R-Value recommendations can vary for location. Those in the south have a recommendation for R30-R60 for attics and R13-R19 for floors while those in the north are recommended to have R49-R60 for attics and R25-R30 for flooring. Keep in mind that about 90% of homes are under-insulated, according to the Department of Energy. The good news is that instead of having to replace insulation to bring your home up to recommended values, you can add another layer on top of what you have.

If you are looking for insulation companies that can help you understand R-Values further and how they ensure proper temperature regulation, our team here at 360 Energy Spray Foam are available to help. We can put our years of service to work for you and get you precisely what you need when you need it! Call us today.

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