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OFFICE NO. 904-679-9572

Are you tired of your air conditioner not lasting as long as it should, or making too much noise? You might not have to replace it. Instead, you can get insulation. Here’s how it can reduce noise and increase its lifespan.

It Creates a Thermal Barrier

When you call a spray foam insulation contractor, ask them what the R-value of the insulation is. According to House Grail, that will tell you how efficient that type of insulation is. R-value tells you how much it resists the flow of heat. You want that since it can protect the air conditioner by creating a thermal barrier. That will keep it nice and insulated and not overheating.

It Soundproofs the Unit

If you have a well-insulated air conditioner, that insulation is going to dampen the noise considerably. What might have been a loud rattling sound before is barely noticeable, if at all. The same goes for noisy outdoor environments, such as honking cars outside your window. As a result, you’ll be able to relax. Talk with a spray foam insulation contractor about that.

It Makes It More Energy-Efficient

When there’s good insulation, your air conditioner is going to operate much more efficiently. It’s not going to have to struggle to cool things down. That’s going to help it run for a lot longer. This will prevent a headache by saving you from needing to purchase another unit sooner than expected. This saved money can be spent on other ways to improve your home or save for a rainy day.

By doing this, you’re also helping the environment. That’s because quality insulation keeps greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. Not only are you keeping cool, but you’re also helping the planet stay the same. Thanks to the improved efficiency, you will save on bills throughout the year. It’s going to be a win-win all around. If you feel like you need to have new insulation, that’s something that you pursue.

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