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OFFICE NO. 904-679-9572

Did you know that a home that is uninsulated or not insulated properly can lose up to 60% of its overall energy through the walls alone, according to House Grail? If you’re a homeowner, then understanding the potential risks of not having a properly insulated home by professional insulation companies is essential. Understanding the risks of an uninsulated home is imperative whether you’re searching for a home that’s on the market or if you’re thinking of insulating your own home with local insulation companies to improve overall energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of these risks.

Significantly Higher Energy Costs

One of the most drastic and noticeable differences that you will see if your home isn’t insulated or if it is insulated incorrectly is skyrocketing energy costs, especially during the hottest and coldest months of the year. Whenever a home isn’t insulated, it essentially begins to leak the heat or cool air that is being produced and pumped in by your home’s HVAC system. Insulation can help regulate your home’s indoor temperature and ensure your energy bills stay steady.


If you’re particular about the temperature you like to keep your home during the hottest and coolest months of the year, you’ll want to ensure that your home is fully and properly insulated. Homes that aren’t insulated properly may experience uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Temperature fluctuations are also known to be much more unpredictable when inside an uninsulated or poorly insulated home, which is why it’s advisable to have homes inspected for insulation issues ahead of time.

Environmental Impact

Are you someone who prides yourself on living an eco-friendly way of life? If so, then living in an insulated home is a must, regardless of the size of your home. Any home that’s not insulated but utilizes any form of electricity is the opposite of eco-friendly and can ultimately become detrimental to the Earth around us.

As a homeowner, remaining alert and aware of the risks of leaving your home uninsulated can help you to stay on top of your home’s needs over time. Whether you experience cool drafts in the winter or if you’re living in a stuffy home even with your central cooling turned on, an uninsulated home can be the source of many problems when left unattended for too long. The right insulation companies can’t only be a way to mitigate any temperature fluctuation issues that you’re currently experiencing, but they also provide a great way to ensure that you are living as much of an eco-friendly way of life as possible. Give us a call today to learn more about insulation and to schedule an appointment.

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