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OFFICE NO. 904-679-9572

Spray foam insulation is one of the best types on the market today. The installation helps to better fill in gaps, prevents heat transfer, is resistant to water, and can help to minimize sound. According to House Grail, insulation helps to save the most energy in your home. If you are looking to have new spray foam installed in your home to save money on monthly energy bills, then you should be looking for the right professionals. Here are a few important questions to ask before hiring a contractor.

What Qualifications or Certifications Do You Have?

One of the first questions that you should ask spray foam insulation contractors is what qualifications or certifications they have. One of the top companies that certify contractors is the Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA). Look for a contractor who possesses this type of certification or qualification, so you can feel peace of mind when you hire them. It’s also important to ask them what type of training program they participated in and what makes them qualified to complete your job.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Another important question to ask is whether they offer a warranty. Most spray foam services are covered by a warranty by the manufacturer. However, this warranty doesn’t extend to problems caused by improper or faulty installation. As such, great spray foam insulation contractors will stand behind their work and offer a warranty for the installation process. This warranty may last anywhere from 30 days to a year, depending on the contractor you hire.

How Much Will the Project Cost?

The final question to ask spray foam insulation contractors is how much the project will cost to complete. The estimate they provide should include the cost of the materials as well as the labor to install the materials. Asking for an estimate before you hire a local team can ensure their services fit within your budget. It’ll also allow you to compare different companies in the area and choose the best one.

Spray foam is regarded as one of the top products on the market. If you are looking to install insulation in your home or commercial building, then our team of contractors can install the spray foam. Asking contractors the questions listed above is one of the best ways to find contractors who are best suited to help you. Schedule an appointment with us now! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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